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06 April 2017

New from the lab - version 57 for Linux

We are happy and a little proud to announce the release of version 57.0 for Debian-based systems.
Releases for the following platforms; Windows, macOS, openSUSE and for the first time Fedora to follow soon.

The latest version of the Chromium code base uses less resources and also includes all the latest security features.


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14 March 2017

Issue with Symantec certs - solved!

Finally, we are happy to announce that the latest Windows and Debian-based systems builds solve the issue with the Symantec certificates failing to load. (see bug tracker @ GitHub issue #124)

The trouble with SSL certificate handling was quite a challenge. There was no security / privacy problem for the user, but the usability with many sites was poor. This is solved now!

get the fixed version


Due to these issues the next major release is delayed and we will jump straight to version 57.
Stay tuned and private!

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02 January 2017

Version 54.0 for Linux

Iridium Browser releases version 54.0 for Debian-based systems and various openSUSE versions including Leap 42.1/42.2, 13.2 and Tumbleweed.
Now available for download.


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09 November 2016

Version 54.0 for Windows now available

Iridium Browser releases version 54.0 for Windows.
Now available in the download section.


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08 November 2016

OSB-Alliance Pressemitteilung zu Iridium Browser

OSB-Alliance Pressemitteilung zu Iridium Browser - OSBA Website

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