Download for Windows


current version 2018.4
(based on Chromium 66.0.3359.130)

Standard Version

Portable Version *

Please note!
* = Running the Iridium portable version works out of the box. We recommend to create a shortcut using the
configuration option to store the user data to a preferred location (like a USB stick, etc.)

If you are looking for previous versions, please check out the build archive

System requirements:
• Windows 7+
• An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable

The Windows Installer is produced by Advanced Installer

Currently, Iridium Browser is available for the following operating systems:
Windows 7+ • macOS 10.9+ • Debian 8+, Mint 17+, Ubuntu 14.04+ (all 64-bit) • openSUSE Leap 42.3 and 15.0 • Fedora 27+ • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7+ | CentOS 7+

Iridium Browser is not available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or any other mobile operating system!