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05 December 2017

Version 2017.11 for Fedora released

The current version 2017.11 is now available for Fedora 25, 26 and 27!

Lastest builds have also been released for Windows and openSUSE Leap 42.2, 42.3 and Tumbleweed.
New builds for macOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well as CentOS will be released later this week. Users of Debian based platforms will also be served in due course.


The current version 2017.11, is based on Chromium 62.0.3202.94.

Windows users simply download and install the latest build.
Linux users to install using command line as provided on the download page.
Existing users, do not uninstall any previous versions beforehand - this would delete all your stored data i.e. bookmarks, history, etc!