What are the differences between Iridium and Chromium?

Please refer to our Wiki on GitHub

Why do some Audio / Video players not work in IridiumBrowser?

IridiumBrowser does not include all audio and video codecs or extensions such as Chrome.
This has many reasons, for instance some codecs or extensions are proprietary and do not disclose their source code and sometimes there are legal issues as well. If you have any issues with audio or video, please try to install the codec or extension manually or from chrome://extensions/

Why can’t the extension verify IridiumBrowser?

Please try to install the extension manually or from chrome://extensions/

Is IridiumBrowser available for Android, iOS or Windows Phone/Mobile?

IridiumBrowser is currently not available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone/Mobile or any other mobile OS.

For all general questions about the Browser, please go to Chrome Help