Fix #1 - Instructions

1 Download latest Iridium Browser v54.0 at
2 BEFORE you install, delete shortcuts to Iridium Browser i.e. from desktop, taskbar, etc.
3 Install Iridium Browser (‘iridiumbrowser-latest-x64.msi’ for 64-bit or ‘iridiumbrowser-latest-x86.msi’ for 32-bit)
4 Add any shortcuts to i.e. desktop or taskbar, if you would like to start Iridium Browser from a different location than the start menu.

Fix #2 - Instructions

(as described on Git
1 Go to the Iridium Browser shortcut in the start menu and right click to open properties window.
2 Add the following flag to the end of the ‘Target’ (see screenshot below)


3 Repeat this step for all other shortcuts on desktop, in taskbar, etc.

Windows fix screenshot