Mac OS X 10.9+

current version 51.1

Standard Release

(free media codecs only)

Standard Download

Extra Release

(incl non-free media codecs)

Extra Download

If you are looking for previous versions, please check out the Builds Archive

system requirements
• OSX Mavericks 10.9+

If this is not your Operating System or if you are looking for a different platform please choose from the following

Currently IridiumBrowser is available for the following Operating Systems
Windows 7+ • Mac OS X 10.9+ • Ubuntu 14.04+ (64-bit) • Debian 8+ (64-bit) • Mint 17+ (64-bit) • openSUSE 13.1+ • Leap 42.1+ • Tumbleweed
IridiumBrowser is not available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or any other mobile OS!