Help to make people's privacy not an option, but normal


As you can imagine, developing, provisioning of infrastructure, and testing is very intense work. This results in costs to maintain easy imaginable things such as bandwidth, but also infrastructure like build systems. For ongoing success and providing builds for multiple platforms, it is key to have dedicated developers focused on this browser project. If you see value in Iridium Browser for you personally or your organization, please consider a donation.


If you are a security developer who knows Chromium or is focused on security in general, feel free to write us through our mailing list. Patches are very welcome and will get reviewed in short order!

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We think that privacy is more important than ever. We do not feel that your translations should be transparently sent to a central service which can potentially be misused. We think that sending out literally anything you type is not an option. By using and recommending Iridium Browser, you help contribute to the evolution of a serious alternative.