Iridium is just fast in every way. It starts very fast, loads and also renders very complex web sites really fast.


Chromium (which Iridium is based on) is a very secure browser, yes. But it does call home to Google and we did even more to enhance security to the maximum extent possible.

Ease of Use

Just anybody can use Iridium right away. It is simple and easy to handle, it does not require any special knowledge at all.

Recent News

the very latest

Version 2019.11.78 released for Windows and macOS

31 December 2019

Version 2019.11.78 has been released for Windows and macOS.
Also available for Fedora 30 & 31, SUSE Leap 15.1 & Tumbleweed and Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 7 & 8.
This build is based on Chromium 78.0.3904.87.

Build for Debian-based systems still to follow!

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important notice

Before Iridium Browser, we had to decide if we wanted to have cutting edge technologies like sandboxed processes, WebRTC, WebUSB … , or if we wanted to use a browser that respects our privacy.So we decided to use the power of free software and build a browser that can do both. We analysed the code of Chromium and stripped out the functionality which exposes data to others in a way we don‘t like.
See the most important changes in our wiki on GitHub

Our ambition is to get builds for Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora, RHEL/CentOS, Windows and macOS a couple of days after a new release of Chromium.To achieve this, we need help from individuals and organisations who have the same intention.Currently, there are weeks between a new release of Iridium and Chromium.
Please take this into consideration for your personal usage of the browser as you might be at risk when surfing unknown and potentially dangerous websites!
We feel that, as an application browser or as browser for trusted websites, this is acceptable.


about the project


There are many browsers out there. Chrome is fast, stable, and user-friendly but does not meet many organizations’ demands for privacy. Since the tight integration with its inventor (Google) makes many things easier, it does not comply to restrictive data environments. Iridium is not another new browser from scratch. It takes the Chromium code base, which is also used for the official Chrome browser, and enhances its security and sets certain policies by default. There are many forks of Chromium-based browsers, yet, in our opinion, they failed in many other key areas important for adoption.


With Iridium, the whole process is entirely transparent. The public Git repository allows a direct view on all changes made. The complete source code is therefore available.


Iridium Browser has various enhancements where it forces strict security to provide the maximum level of security without compromising compatibility.


We try to distribute it in ways where it allows easy installation and yet allows administrators to deploy it easily. An example is an MSI-based installation mechanism for easy deployments throughout an entire organization.


Help to make people's privacy not an option, but normal


As you can imagine, developing, provisioning of infrastructure, and testing is very intense work. This results in costs to maintain easy imaginable things such as bandwidth, but also infrastructure like build systems. For ongoing success and providing builds for multiple platforms, it is key to have dedicated developers focused on this browser project. If you see value in Iridium Browser for you personally or your organization, please consider a donation.


If you are a security developer who knows Chromium or is focused on security in general, feel free to write us through our mailing list. Patches are very welcome and will get reviewed in short order!

Spread the Word

We think that privacy is more important than ever. We do not feel that your translations should be transparently sent to a central service which can potentially be misused. We think that sending out literally anything you type is not an option. By using and recommending Iridium Browser, you help contribute to the evolution of a serious alternative.